China Structural Week
During China Structure Week 2022, the total number of views has reached 2,804,591, the total number of viewers has reached 256,260, and the total number of surgeries was 200.
World Hypertension Congress
The World Hypertension Congress, sponsored by WHL, Asian Society of Cardiology etc., provides a platform for experts in the hypertension field from all around the world to share their scientific research results.
China Valve (Hangzhou)
China Valve(Hangzhou)has been held for 8 years and become a well-known conference in the academic field of valves in China,and has an important academic influence in the world.
CIT (China Interventional Therapeutics)
Since its inception in 2003,CIT has become the largest international academic conference and one of the most educational courses in the field of interventional cardiology in the Asia-pacific region.
CHC (China Heart Congress)
CHC has been designed to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in cardiovascular medicine.
Mayo - Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital Symposium
The Mayo - Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital Symposium has been held for 8 years. Experts from Mayo Clinic and Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital are invited to exchange the latest research. It has become an important academic exchange platform in the cardiovascular field.

“The use of MitraClip for nonobstructive HCM with mixed severe MR”, by Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, published in ESC Heart Failure

Fuwai Aortic Symposium, held for 14 years, has become one of the most prestigious events in this field in China. In 2023, themed on treatment of aortic diseases, it has drawn+20,000 doctors to watch and +240,000 views.

"The Clinical Pathway of TEER in China 2022", led by Dr. Guangyuan Song etc, was released in Beijing Valves, ending with 40,968 views. Special thanks to Dr. Julia Grapsa, Dr. David Moliterno, Dr. Hasan Jilaihawi & Dr. Raj Makkar for your active participation!

Time flies! 2022 is coming to an end. Looking back this year, 3,411 academic events were held on our platform with 3,928,902 views, 66,535 patients consulted and registered doctors have increased by ~200,000. Thanks to every doctor & friend and wish you a very happy new year!

Grandhealth Access Telemedicine (GATelem)
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- Leading online medical communication provider & carrier in China

The 23rd Annual Conference of Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital, broadcast on "Docbook" (a platform of GATelem), has come to a successful conclusion. It lasts 10 days and has 60 channels, with ~800 experts attended, drawing ~70,000 doctors to watch and ~1 million views. Congrats!!

Docbook Academic under GATelem, officially authorized medical platform in China for the 7th Complex PCI 2022, successfully broadcast the whole course of the conference held in South Korea in 3 languages!!

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