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Why GATelem ?
  • GATelem is one of the Top Professional Medical Platform & Leading Live Transmission Provider & Carrier in China.
  • GATelem is authorized as China's National High-tech Enterprise, holding 60+ intellectual property rights of self-developed software and hardware systems.
  • 770,000 registered medical workers; 2,500 hospitals across the country in our network; around 20,000 course content in the GATelem® Docbook platform.
  • Over 600 top international doctors from 30+ countries have been using the platform.
  • Within the year of 2022, 164,300 medical workers newly registered; 3,400 academic events were organized;1,500 academic articles were published; 78,389 medical consultations were made in the GATelem® Docbook platform.
  • Optimal 'Gateway' for all international hospitals and health care institutions for entering China.
To-Professional Services
Live Demo & Instruction Bring Learning to Life
Virtual Medical Conference Remote Collaboration for Better Healthcare
Global Broadcasting Meet your KOLs Anytime & Anywhere

Around 2,500 hospitals China-wide joined GATelem® Docbook Academic Platform during the past 9 years. There are 4 levels of hospitals, from top national giant medical centers to countryside clinics. Through the platform, the most advanced and updated medical knowledge, technologies & experience are introduced to different level hospitals or clinics. Puzzle questions are answered, thinking ways are broadened, medical procedures are standardized and skills of making diagnosis and giving treatment are obtained with the help of experts. It has been greatly promoting the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment in China. While bringing advanced international technologies to China, 'China Solutions' are also shared to the world.

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