GATelem® All-in-one Live Transmission System
GATelem® All-in-one Live Transmission System was designed & developed by medical teams and AV specialists. It's an integrated audiovisual system that can help medical experts produce HD surgical recording or live broadcasting to share their expertise. The all-in-one solution is compatible with all existing medical equipment and OR settings.
With 10,000+ global medical live transmission service experiences in 7 years under different network environment (America, Europe, Japan, Pacific Asia, etc.), we have accumulated the features and satisfied our clients with the advanced technologies and quality services.
GATelem® All-in-one Hospital Department System
Till the end of 2022, there are around 2,500 hospitals in all 34 provinces all over China joined our platform with the setting up of GATelem® All-in-one Hospital Department Machine in the doctor's offices or meeting rooms.
All medical information, knowledge, technologies, guidelines, etc. released in the Docbook platform can be watched and reviewed in each registered hospital.
Medicine is an empirical discipline; group study and discussion are very important. After years of practice, GATelem® Docbook platform has become an important tool for morning meetings and ward rounds in many hospitals, and it has become a habit to update the latest medical hot spots through the platform daily.
GATelem® Remote System
An App specially customized for the GATelem® Docbook platform was created for users to log in the platform anytime & anywhere. They can use their smart phone or PC to participate the academic conference, live case demos, interact with the operators or give instructions upon necessary.
GATelem® Docbook platform
With the accumulation of the medical resources, GATelem® Docbook platform has built the following multi-specialty medical remote education systems: cardiovascular remote education system, colorectal cancer remote system, anesthesia remote education system, general surgery remote education system, diabetes, liver disease, stroke, etc. Comprehensive coverage of multidisciplinary fields are on the way.
GATelem® Docbook platform is a very active platform. By the end of 2022, 779,100 medical workers have registered in the network. In addition to a large number of medical exchanges and medical education, they can also directly carry out remote consultation, remote ultrasound, remote imaging, mobile ward rounds, pre-hospital emergency and other medical services on the platform, forming a complete closed-loop service system with the hospital's medical treatment. After years of operation, especially the popularization after the COVID epidemic, it has been changing the work communication habits of doctors to a large extent and become part of their daily work.
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